The Piggyback Launch Model

By on April 24, 2012

Only a few years ago, marketers had to build their online business from the ground up. Being a smarter marketer literally meant knowing the nuts and bolts of web design, marketing funnels, and user experience…

But that’s no longer the case. Sure, those skills may be very helpful, but the ground-up model is NOT the shortest or simplest route to maximizing your ROI. So what is the best way?

You guessed it: Learn how to piggyback on someone else’s model effectively — and with as little time, expenses, and effort possible.

In marketing, we like to call this “leveraging.” As in, learn how to leverage iTunes or Amazon to sell your ebooks. In biology, you might call it a symbiotic relationship… or maybe parasitic one!

Whatever your point of view on it, it’s now officially become the fastest way to build a billion dollar company. Don’t believe me? Aside from the thousands of marketers making their ENTIRE living on Amazon and iTunes…

Countless social media platforms are not learning to leverage Facebook to launch COMPETING networks! How else do you think Instagram got the word out about it’s awesome photo app? It’s integration with Facebook helped it reach critical mass so quickly that FB paid $1B for it!

Pinterest is using an almost identical tactic… and it’s clearly working. Now, add the #1 most popular free iPhone app, Viddy, to that list.

This app, claiming to be the “Instagram for videos,” makes editing, scoring, and sharing 15-second videos a total cinch.

And just like Instagram and Pinterest, it’s got auto-posting Facebook integration. So all its over 8 million users can share their Viddy posts on their Timeline automatically, turning user engagement into mini social media advertisements for Viddy.

It’s simple and it’s genius.

We should all be searching for ways to leverage these types of thing in our marketing. I know we’re not all trying to sell social networking apps, but we can all learn an important lesson from the success of Pinterest, Instagram, and Viddy… That lesson is the “Piggyback Launch Model.”

In today’s market, being a smarter marketer isn’t always about having the grand idea. Far more fortunes are being made by people who find a way to connect the dots… taking a powerful tool like Facebook and using it to fill their marketing funnels.


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    April 10, 2013 at 12:11 am

    It’s laborious to find educated individuals on this matter, but you sound like you understand what you’ve speaking about! Thanks

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