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    The Referral Traffic Sea Change [CHART]

    The vast majority of all traffic is organic, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon… When it comes to referral traffic, however, that’s where you look for the patterns and trends that are changing the landscape....

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    Because We’re All Image-Clickers

    After playing around with a few of the latest and greatest social media tools, I’ve finally found one that I think has all the right pieces in place… It’s a very good-looking, immediately engaging platform that’s really...

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    A Tale Of Two Social Networks

    It’s impossible not to draw parallels between Facebook and the other network that could have been Facebook… That network is, of course, MySpace, or my_____, or whatever catchy spelling that schizophrenic company is going by these days....

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    How Much Is A Twitter Follower Worth?

    Right now, a company is suing one of its former employees for… … 17,000 Twitter followers — each valued at $2.50 per month. According to the NYT, that’s a grand total of $340,000 folks! It’s the first...

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    Vaynerchuk Is Right

    If you haven’t watched the video Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote speech at this year’s Inc 500, you SHOULD (be advised, the guy really likes profanity). In the speech, he lays out some amazing predictions for the the future...

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