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    3 Reasons User Intent is Squashing Traditional SEO

    We all want to generate quality traffic to our sites, and SEO keyword research is a vital part of that. What we don’t want to do is underestimate the extent to which the user’s specific intent influences...

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    Google Caffeine Update: Content Freshness is the Key to Traffic

    A change is in the works at Google that’s going to leave a bunch of marketers wondering, “What the heck just happened to my SEO strategy?” Last week Google announced a change in its search algorithm that...

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  • $250,000 of Traffic for only $4k with SEO

    I ran across this just the other day and had to make mention of it. Why would you choose SEO over PPC? A recent case study done by a professional SEO company reveals some very convincing answers.

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  • Goodbye Google Site-Targeting…

    …hello Google “Placement Targeting”. Don’t worry, Google Site-Targeting isn’t going anywhere…it’s just getting a name change and a face-lift. NOTE: If you haven’t heard of Google Site-Targeting, it’s “the other half of AdWords” that almost no one...

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