• Twitter FINALLY Shows Businesses Some Love

    With the mass influx of businesses onto the social media platform, providers don’t really have the option to ignore it.  Facebook has ‘Business Pages, LinkedIn has company profiles, and so on. So what’s Twitter’s response to its...

    • Posted 1423 days ago
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  • Oprah is retiring, and SO AM I?

    You heard it here first…I’m officially “retiring”. Ok, ok…so it’s not the disappear-forever-and-sit-on-the-beach kind of retirement you’re probably thinking of. No way! I’m planning an “Oprah-Style Retirement”. In case you don’t know, Oprah recently announced her 2011...

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  • Facebook “Slaps” CPM Advertisers (Good News Or Bad?)

    Facebook upped the level of their Ad game this week by rearranging the priority of Ad placements, moving CPC above CPM. In essence, this is Facebook ‘bobbing and weaving’ with their big brother, Google (who, might I...

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  • Microsoft and Yahoo Team Up To Challenge Google

    It’s official! Microsoft announced today that they have struck a deal to power Yahoo’s search, while at the same time Yahoo will be powering paid ads on Bing.com (Microsoft’s new search platform…formerly known as MSN). You can...

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  • How To Create The Perfect Lead Magnet

    I made this quick video to show you the criteria I use to ensure that I have a rock sold lead magnet that is going to convert and get me a ton of QUALIFIED optins. Watch the...

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