• facebook-target111
    Hitting the Target with Facebook Ads

    Imagine someone lurking over your shoulder as you pull out your credit card to buy the latest video game release. They also watch as you fist pump at that summer music festival. And they’re even hanging around...

    • Posted 356 days ago
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  • LinkedIn_magnify1
    3 Ways To Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation

    Most online marketers dismissed LinkedIn as a lousy marketing tool years ago. Go on, admit it, you were probably one of them… LinkedIn is for people who want to find a job, right? That’s what most of...

    • Posted 412 days ago
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  • How to set up google authorship
    Google Authorship

    Let’s say you are looking for new music around the Internet, and you come across a writer that has the exact same music preference as you do. But, unfortunately this author doesn’t write from a central website,...

    • Posted 472 days ago
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  • roinfo
    The Impact Of The Infographic [INFOGRAPHIC]

    I was on a coaching call recently when the topic of viral marketing came up… and almost EVERYONE on the call was interested in developing an infographic. And I’m all for creating infographics, as long as you...

    • Posted 596 days ago
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  • h
    Should Zuckerberg Step Down?

    Yes, the Mark Zuckerberg that decided to wear a hoodie to meet and greet the world’s biggest financiers earlier this year SHOULD step down as CEO… that guy should. But that won’t happen for two reasons: 1.)...

    • Posted 611 days ago
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