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    Supercharge Your Advertising With Facebook Custom Audiences

    Facebook recently released a new feature for it’s advertising platform called “custom audiences.” With custom audiences, you now have the ability to use Facebook ads in a whole new and more targeted way. The facebook advertising platform...

    • Posted 407 days ago
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  • ‘Search Engine’ Pie: Value of SEO vs. PPC

    I’m not one to bash PPC or to say SEO is the only way to go (you need both!), BUT I think this infographic says a lot about where we should be focusing our time & efforts...

    • Posted 1377 days ago
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  • $250,000 of Traffic for only $4k with SEO

    I ran across this just the other day and had to make mention of it. Why would you choose SEO over PPC? A recent case study done by a professional SEO company reveals some very convincing answers.

    • Posted 1386 days ago
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  • New AdWords Quality Score Update

    It looks like the good folks at Google are rocking the boat yet again. Now they're adding your page load time as an element of their quality score.

    • Posted 2226 days ago
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  • Goodbye Google Site-Targeting…

    …hello Google “Placement Targeting”. Don’t worry, Google Site-Targeting isn’t going anywhere…it’s just getting a name change and a face-lift. NOTE: If you haven’t heard of Google Site-Targeting, it’s “the other half of AdWords” that almost no one...

    • Posted 2228 days ago
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