• ipad-bad-mobile-site
    How (Not) To Make A Mobile Site

    Don’t include iPads in your mobile redirect, if you optimized an iPhone/iPod. This is a common mistake that I am beginning to see more and more. Many “off the shelf” mobile redirect scripts out there include iPads...

    • Posted 429 days ago
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  • eharmonyKillinIt
    eHarmony is “Killin’ It” With Mobile – and How You Can Do The Same

    Listen to this statistic, “eHarmony’s mobile conversions are up 40% year-over-year.” They are doing something right. With over 1 billion smartphones on the planet, 1 in 7 searches done via phone, and up to half of all...

    • Posted 435 days ago
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  • eBook and mobile
    The New Mobile User Pattern Shift

    Mobile isn’t just a format shift; it’s a lifestyle shift. Every week, we get new data that peels back a new layer. Last week, we learned that ebook readers read 9 more books per year, on average,...

    • Posted 564 days ago
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  • h
    Content Is King Again

    Traditional publishing is dead… I’m by no means the first person to say it, or the first person to see it coming, but that doesn’t make it any less true. While that may not be great news...

    • Posted 612 days ago
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  • 135617547
    The Device-Content Link

    There’s absolutely no doubt that mobile is drastically reshaping the web… Only a couple of years ago, there were basically only two smartphones (the iPhone and the Blackberry) for two types of consumers (Macs and PCs). And...

    • Posted 788 days ago
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