• eBook and mobile
    The New Mobile User Pattern Shift

    Mobile isn’t just a format shift; it’s a lifestyle shift. Every week, we get new data that peels back a new layer. Last week, we learned that ebook readers read 9 more books per year, on average,...

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    What Smaller iPads And Bigger Kindles Mean For Marketers

    Every once in a while, tech rumors actually do hold important clues about where the marketplace is going. You know, those times when you read between the lines and it becomes really obvious what the biggest players...

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    You’re Holding Our Newest Location

    You know how sometimes you’re struggling to find a way to explain a marketing concept, then someone else just NAILS it? That’s how I felt when I was reading Seth Godin’s blog over the weekend. It’s one...

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  • iPad & Kindle Opens Doors to Self-Published eBooks

    The iPad has created a lot of buzz in the publishing world, and many publishers are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes that the iPad will be their so-called ‘Savior’.  Although eBooks currently only make up about...

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