• How to set up google authorship
    Google Authorship

    Let’s say you are looking for new music around the Internet, and you come across a writer that has the exact same music preference as you do. But, unfortunately this author doesn’t write from a central website,...

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    What The Visual Revolution Is Really About

    In all the theorizing I’ve read about social media’s big move toward artsy photography, I haven’t found one article, or even one blogger who’s really pulled back the curtain… So I’m just going to come out and...

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    The Android Marches On

    Google has been the biggest kid on the block for years, but something has the 800lb gorilla spooked… Apple’s ecosystem clearly came out on top after the holiday season… even though 6 million+ Android-powered Kindle Fires were...

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    Why You Should Set Up a Google+ Brand Page Now

    If you haven’t set up a brand page on Google+ yet – now’s the time. And I don’t say this because having a Google+ profile will send tons of traffic to your site, YET. I say this...

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  • How We’re Using Google Plus

    **Note From Ryan: I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about Google + and its role in digital marketing… “Is it a Facebook Killer?”, “Is it a Twitter Killer?”, “Is it going to be useful for...

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