• facebook-target111
    Hitting the Target with Facebook Ads

    Imagine someone lurking over your shoulder as you pull out your credit card to buy the latest video game release. They also watch as you fist pump at that summer music festival. And they’re even hanging around...

    • Posted 352 days ago
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  • inst-web
    Instagram feeds hit the web

    It happened. Instagram is no longer a mobile exclusive experience. On tuesday, the the company finally pulled the trigger on web access to your feed. Since they were acquired by facebook last april, the company has been...

    • Posted 438 days ago
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  • assisted
    The Value Of The Social Media Assist [INFOGRAPHIC]

    For years, skeptics have been shooting down the value of social media with one simple question: What’s the ROI of a Like, or a follower, or a share? It annoys the heck out of me that so...

    • Posted 649 days ago
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  • infographicinfo
    Visual Is The New Viral

    Going viral isn’t exactly what it once was… Where viral was once an exciting and mysterious phenomenon that came out of nowhere to crash your freaking servers; it has now become just another marketing strategy. Be that...

    • Posted 670 days ago
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  • 78495684
    Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: What’s Working? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    With inbound marketing getting all the attention these days, it’s almost as if marketers have forgotten all about one of the world’s oldest professions (no, not that one). I’m talking about the second oldest profession: Advertising (which...

    • Posted 698 days ago
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