• The Science of Buying
    Copy Writing & The Science Of Buying

    The ability to write effective copy is unquestionably a refined art form. A good copy writer can string words together that influence random visitors to do an incredibly specific set of actions, often times these visitors have had no...

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  • Sliced-Fruits
    Segmentation – Massive gains from sending less

    Segmentation is a vastly underused concept in the Internet marketing community. For as boring and as difficult as it may sound, it is possible to dramatically increase your company’s revenue by taking a few small steps. By...

    • Posted 418 days ago
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  • Email deliverability tricks - Reduce Spam reports
    Quick email deliverability trick

    If you use email marketing to promote products or your business, you know the Importance of getting good deliverability rates. Deliverability is a metric used to measure how often your emails actually make it into your subscriber’s...

    • Posted 446 days ago
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  • signage
    Hurry, Read This Before I Delete It!

    10, 9, 8, 7… Okay, I’m bluffing. I’m not really going to delete this post. But I probably SHOULD. Why? Because the topic I’m going to discuss is a “top secret,” highly classified marketing strategy that has...

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  • 92077733
    The New Rules For Email Marketers

    Email has long since ceased to be sexy. That vast majority of “media strategists” have fallen head over heels for inbound marketing and social media… But email marketing is still the workhorse. While email may not be...

    • Posted 691 days ago
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