• Affiliate Tool With Conversion Tracking And Link Shortening

    I ran across this tool the other day and I think it’s definitely worth a mention for all you affiliates out there.  As someone who has done my fair share of affiliate promotions, I know the hurdles...

    • Posted 1400 days ago
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  • New! Horizontal opt-in test 40% boost

    This is one of the reasons that Internet Marketing still gets my juices flowing.  When it comes to online marketing, even the craziest ideas are worth testing because some times those crazy ideas wind up converting. Here’s...

    • Posted 1425 days ago
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  • How To Create The Perfect Lead Magnet

    I made this quick video to show you the criteria I use to ensure that I have a rock sold lead magnet that is going to convert and get me a ton of QUALIFIED optins. Watch the...

    • Posted 1857 days ago
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  • The “Magic” Buy Button That DOUBLES Sales…

    I’ve got another buy button split-test for you… This one proves that size DOES matter. SIDENOTE: For more proven split-test results and ideas, check out 43SplitTests.com. Oh yeah, and you can also snag a copy of the...

    • Posted 2047 days ago
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  • Increase opt-ins by ditching the name field

    This is one of the more surprising tests I’ve done in quite a while: I actually increased my opt-in rate 5 – 8% (depending on the site) just by removing the name field from my opt-in forms....

    • Posted 2075 days ago
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