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    How do I monetize my blog? You don’t.

    So you have decided to make some extra money online. You followed the steps and got your domain, hosting, CMS, theme, social media, and the list goes on and on. You finally start blogging; only to find...

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    Video Sniper [ClickBank - Youtube Hack]

      One of the “age old” Internet marketing questions is, “if you had to start over tomorrow, with no relationships to leverage, no list, no product, and your pockets pulled out, what would you do to start...

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    Why Pinerest Can’t Have It Both Ways

    Pinterest’s status as the answer to many a marketers prayers is under real threat from New York start-up, Fancy, with much clearer ideas about making money. Fancy, Pinterest’s biggest rival, is quickly making a name for itself...

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  • Selling products on ClickBank?

    I used to do a lot of stuff with ClickBank, but admittedly I’ve ignored it over the past few years. Now I realize I’ve probably been leaving a lot of money on the table, and I’d like...

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  • Active vs. Passive Affiliate Promotions

    If you’ve found it difficult to recruit affiliates because you’re not a “big name” in your market, this video may help. In it I talk about the difference between Active and Passive Affiliate Promotions, and why you...

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