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By on April 27, 2013

If You Want More Traffic to Your Website or Blog (or Both) then I’ve Got Big News and a Huge Bonus Worth over $475

Traffic is really the lifeblood of any online business… especially when it comes to getting those all-important new customers.  I think we can all agree on this one simple truth:

more traffic = more revenue

Good friend and “traffic maniac” Jeff Johnson is about to launch his latest training:

“Tube Traffic Secrets”.

When Jeff first told me about his new techniques, I was FLOORED.  I’m using them now and not only are they highly effective… they’re also free!

So, I want to make Jeff’s training available to people who read my blog, PLUS give you a HUGE bonus for getting it through me.

Let me explain…  you see, traffic is something I happen to know a little bit about.  In fact, you may already know that I host a Summit around this topic a couple of times a year… and it SELLS OUT.

So, here’s what I’m giving away along with Jeff’s training:


You’ll get full access to the video recordings of the SOLD OUT 2013 Traffic and Conversion Summit we held in San Francisco in January.

Admission started at $475. (not to mention that folks who attended also had to pay for their own hotel, air fare, meals, etc…)  In other words, people invested a whole lot more to be a part of this event.  So it’s a huge value.

And did I mention, William Shatner took the stage?  That’s right, The Shat, people!  It was an unbelievable event.

These recordings are NOT available as a stand-alone product. You can only access them when you invest in Jeff’s training through one of my links.

In three intense days, we addressed the major challenges facing today’s digital marketers.

Topics like:

  • Mobile payments
  • Social commerce and social shopping
  • Kindle and how to make it work
  • PayWalls and the impact on revenue
  • Demand side remnant traffic platforms (heavy!)
  • Selling through video
  • Post-Panda SEO

We also got into cutting-edge techniques like…

  • SEO Recipes you can plug in for Auto-Pilot SEO (especially powerful in long tail search).
  • Channel Optimization so you generate big free traffic from the “300 pound gorillas” of social media.
  • Leveraged ecommerce strategies that send capital costs to next to zero.
  • “Brand Leaping” online to get on the shelves of major retailers like WalMart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Home Depot.

Again… this was a totally sold-out conference and we’ve only released the videos to people who were there.

For a limited time, I’m making the videos available to people who get Jeff Johnson’s newest traffic training:  “Tube Traffic Secrets”

But you have to get it through me.

When it comes to traffic, things change quickly in our industry. Our friends at Google and the other search engines are constantly moving the goalposts.

This is your best opportunity to discover what’s working RIGHT NOW… from one of the world’s top traffic experts.

Jeff’s “Tube Traffic Secrets” goes live on Monday, April 29th at High Noon EST is now live. You can get to it by clicking right here.

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  1. Greg

    May 2, 2013 at 8:20 am

    Hmm i got to disagree with your formula of more traffic = more revenue because i know someone that generates tons of traffic but has zero revenue and someone else that has one 100 visitors a day and generates a lot of revenue so it simply does not compute :-)

    I know you are trying to sell a product but it should be on the basis of understanding a particular traffic type not on generating more revenue.

    I would love to learn more about youtube traffic for example because the only thing i know how to do is SEO. I’ve just started my online journey and created my very first blog :

  2. Eric Wade

    April 29, 2013 at 4:25 am

    It costs $ 47!!

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