• Ryan Deiss' video on the amazon suggest method
    The Ultimate Amazon Idea Generator

    One of the biggest questions I get asked both from “Number One Book System” owners and from folks who just want to start selling online through Amazon, is… “How can I come up with product and book...

    • Posted 428 days ago
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  • ebook
    Why ePub Won’t Kill Print

    If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve been pretty focused on the ePublishing industry over the last few months, partly because my company is investing heavily into ePub (see the Number One Book System). And there’s no way...

    • Posted 562 days ago
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  • eBook and mobile
    The New Mobile User Pattern Shift

    Mobile isn’t just a format shift; it’s a lifestyle shift. Every week, we get new data that peels back a new layer. Last week, we learned that ebook readers read 9 more books per year, on average,...

    • Posted 569 days ago
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  • pinter
    Why Pinerest Can’t Have It Both Ways

    Pinterest’s status as the answer to many a marketers prayers is under real threat from New York start-up, Fancy, with much clearer ideas about making money. Fancy, Pinterest’s biggest rival, is quickly making a name for itself...

    • Posted 576 days ago
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  • testtubes
    The New Brand Leveraging Formula

    Contrary to popular belief among marketers, brand building is not the devil. A lot of marketers feel like branding is the biggest crock of voodoo in the world, but it’s not. In fact, building a brand should...

    • Posted 590 days ago
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